Boris Jerkunica

Chairman and C.E.O. – Silverbacks Holdings, LLC

“We have worked with Food & Beverage Consulting for two years now on various projects. With David Swanson’s leadership, we were able to take our business from a break-even situation to a profitable one. Not only does he understand financial controls, but also the people side of the business. We can’t recommend him enough.”

Justin Anthony

C.E.O. – True Story Brands

“We engaged with David Swanson of Food & Beverage Consulting after our restaurant group opened 3 new restaurants in a 6 month period. Food & Beverage Consulting immediately developed much needed systems including a KPI for all stores as well as assisting in in all budgets and bonuses. David works closely with our team on a weekly basis and ensures the systems put in place are working efficiently, which helps make us a more profitable company. I highly recommend and endorse Food & Beverage Consulting!”

Farshid Arshid

Partner – UMI Modern Japanese Restaurant

“We have been working with Food & Beverage consulting over the past year at UMI Modern Japanese Restaurant in Atlanta, Ga. Even though the ownership and chef have great instincts about the business, we could never gather all the data we needed to control costs in one place. David Swanson and his company quickly understood our dilemma and created all the right tools for us to see our real numbers so we could improve our business. David has a great understanding of the food and beverage industry, and this allowed him to resolve our issues very quickly. We are extremely happy to have brought Food & Beverage consulting on board at UMI. The food industry operates on extremely low profit margins and ever single percent counts.”